Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Big Changes ahead

Okay again it's been a while.. It seems like everytime I think I'm going to be able to write I get lost in life.. Not hard to do with 3 kiddos and a husband, huge Gardens, Preserving ect.

I now will be really trying to blog. You see I have been chosen to go through the Master Gardner's course that is done by our local extension. I am so excited and hoping to show our Garden changes to everyone. Things I have learned and have been able to do thanks to this program.

Hubby is excited and so are the kids. I hope to be able to use this as a way for all of us to volunteer not just me.. and praying it's a step twoards my goal of a community Garden in our area. The other huge goal is to help start a Farmer's Market in the Town I grew up in. This would be awesome for my kids and they would love to have their own Beds that they could take care of and then sell what they grow.

Hubby is starting a new Trucking Job so things are getting exciting. Look for many changes to come..

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