Friday, August 6, 2010


Okay, so just a small intro before I really get into this. My husband, I and our 3 kids and 2 dogs live in rural IL.  I can walk a circle around our little town in less then 15 minutes.. :) There is a bank, a post office and a gas station.. that's it.

We sit on a corner on 3 lots... so we do have a bit of a yard :)
The house we bought 2 years ago was "redone" by a man who had no clue what he was doing.
We've slowly begun the process of reworking the house. Between this and the economy and job losses, we have decided it's necessary for us to think about survival.. actually not just survival but thriving.. on our own.

We also worry about food safety, the chemicals in most foods and about just how safe our food supply really is.. are we obese because we eat butter and sugar or is it because of the chemicals in and on our food.. preservatives.. what are they preserving? Why weren't people way back obese?

We have found many simple ways to not only save but to adjust our lives... before we buy something we ask these questions...
1) can we make this.. better and for less?
2) do we really need this?
3) Can we grow this?
4) What will we do with it if it breaks?
5) Is it better to buy cheaper.. or will it break right away? would it be better to pay a bit more?

Before we throw anything out we ask?
Can I make anything out of this?
Can it be recycled?
Can it be given to someone who needs it?

The one thing I have learned to never turn down is old towels.:)
So I hope this will be a place to find recipes, ideas, directions and what not on doing things frugally, old fashioned ways of life put into today's world. I hope like us you learn that life's small blessings are often the best things in our lives!

Look for posts about our home made worm farm, home made Rain barrel's and more coming up! :)


  1. Hooray for you:-)
    Uncle R

  2. Great idea Cher! I am definitely going to be a Life's Small Blessings blog fan. I will pass the website along to some friends.
    Here's one you may want to take a look at:
    It's a blog by some friends of mine who eat only raw food (well, mostly) and the wonders of their health since doing so. They have lots of good recipes and concepts. I've made their sprouted hummus several times and everyone loves it! I also am very proud of you!!!
    Love, Aunt Kathi