Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm tired of hearing....." I don't have the time"

Okay so I say my pet peeve too.. and yes I could cut down on my Farmville time in order to blog more so you can see what's happening around here..   But I am still living our frugal  life even when I don't have the time.

I challenge you to take a half hour of your tv time, or computer time, Ipod time or phone time and try one little frugal living activity that you ... "don't have the time to do that".

Start small.. Cooking: either make a meal from scratch, try your hand at making bread.. or take that Chicken carcass from last night and boil up a pot of stock.

Homemaking: Make a few candles in jars.. it's simple.. just grab an old pot, some half used candles that you would throw away, some wicks (any hobby store should carry them) and a wooden spoon.
Sew a pretty pillow case, or knit a scarf

Preserving: got a bunch of strawberries about to go bottoms up?  make jam or freeze in ice cube trays to add to drinks. You bought that great food saver but never use it.. get her out and use it.

There is no end to the ideas you could do in just a half hour a day!

Today, I have stock going, the bread dough from last night was baked, anti fungs tea was made for our plants, a candle made and laundry soap going.  Yes they won't be done in a half hour.. but the time I spend activly working with them is only about a half hour.

I challenge you to try one Frugal/ Homesteading thing this week... just a half hour a day.
And I challenge myself to actively blog everyday this week. Let's see how this goes :)

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