Monday, October 18, 2010

On a break

I haven't posted much in a while even though much is being done. Right now we are prepareing for Spring.. Funny I never realized that a garden had 3 seasons.. Spring planting.. Harvesting and then Healing. Right now we are working on the healing and getting some new ideas put in place.

I promise to continue the post on frugal weddings but it will be a while. Right now my life is taking many different directions. I plan on writing more this winter since right now is crazy.

To help save money and prosue a frugal way of life I have started making homemade soap. Though this seems like a huge undertaking even scary it's been fun and iteresting.. this will also help my family not spend to much on CHristmas presants.. We love to do little homemade things for family  and this will be one...

The other thing that takes up time for me right now is my Grandparents. I love them dearly and much has happened.. I am now Spending Tues, Wed, and Thursday helping do light tasks.. dr. Apt.. ect.. to help take care of them. They live with my parents who both work so this is inabling my mother to work at her job as a pastor.. It helps also to save money in cost for care. Grandpa has many health problems and my grandmother has Alzehiemers.... This has been a learning process and a test in patience :)    I am blessed with the ablitlity