Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As we get ready for the Holiday where we are often prompted to share what we are Thankful about I honestly have to pause and take a minute. It's been a wild ride this year. Job ups and downs,  starting our frugal living (which has by no means been a piece of cake) Alzheimer's has played a prominent part and so have major and sometimes scary surgery's for my Best Friend/Grandfather.

Like most first year marriages Corey and I have had our ups and downs, learning to live together again after so long apart has been interesting. We've come through so much and yet there is so much further to go.

Family dynamics, as always for us. never fail to throw us for a loop at least once a month.. As always life progresses at a pace we are not always fond of. Yet, it still moves.

I love to find life's small blessings every day and "God things" you know those things that can only be explained as awesome and amazing in our lives. And yet there have been times I've struggled this year to find them... I pray next year that I can find the time and the strength to look for those everyday instead of when I'm having a rough go of things...

So as I sit here and write feeling sad at the slow loss of my best friend, I need to take this time to truly count the blessings that I see in our lives.

We are blessed with AMAZING Friends! If I haven't told you recently how wonderful you are I'm sorry!  We are abundantly blessed with amazing people in our lives that love us and care about us, who lend a hand or s shoulder with out even asking they just do.. they see a need or that we are overwhelmed and they fix it.. and I can't thank them enough!

I am blessed with the oppertunity to help take care of my Grandmother who has Alzehimers.. This doesn't feel like a blessing at some times but when I look outside of the disease and how it makes her act.. I am blessed to be able to do this to serve a servent... It's not easy but on those days that there is clarity it's wonderful.. I also know that looking back on this I will be happy with myself and that I did my best to help instead of runing away from it.

I have been blessed that my Grandfather is still with me. Though seeing everything and going through everything has been hard I am blessed that he is still with me for yet another Thanksgiving. This is truly a God thing to me!

I have been blessed with an amazing husband who makes it so that I can go and help take care of my Grandparent's. A man who will laugh and cry with me and is more understanding then I give him credit for. We may have our ups and downs.. but the support I have from him going through all this has been amazing.. i don't think I could do all of this with out him.

I have been blessed with a new start and new relationship with my Mom.. this to me is a huge blessing that I hope continues.. For everything there is a reason.. This year has brought us closer together then even I could have imagined ever possiable.

I am blessed with a Brother who can and will make me laugh :) This has been a huge help this year.. and when the bug hit's him he even shows movement.. those moments spent with him just being us has done wonders for me this year.

I am blessed that Corey has a job... this sometimes feels less like a blessing when things are all screw up and when they are aggravating.. but it's a blessing all the same.

I am blessed that we were finally able to get PeeWee in with a specilist and she's doing better with the ADHD....

I am blessed that Little Bit is becoming her own person and is very helpful with my grandmother.

I am blessed with a wonderful 4 year old son who may worry about Great Grandma stealing his food but is more then happy to talk to her and give her hugs. Who acts like the perfect gentlmen at resturants and knows just when mommy needs a huggey.. He's also been so wonderful at adapting to the strange way our lives wok right now.

I know there is more but these are truly the things that stand out to me.. Life's small blessings that I often take for granted..

May your Thanksgiving be Blessed  and may we all see Life's Small Blessings everyday and not just on the Holidays!

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  1. Sweet daughter- you whose name means "Dear One" --we have always been more alike than we ever were different.

    Don't let that scare you. That's why at times we clashed- you had to find your own identity and you have done that admirably. I had to let you find that identity and those things that made you so much like me were also those things that scared me.

    But you are your own person. We may share some of the same traits (and I see that in your writing) but you are your own person with your own life to lead, your own path to follow.

    As time goes own, we will celebrate our differences as well as our alikeness and we will praise God for it all.

    What a blessing you have been to me. During the good times and during the bad. My first born. My dear one, my gift from God.

    Could I make it through all of what is happening right now without you? Yes. God would get me through. But I am so happy (and that word is not enough) that you are here with me, going through this with me. Being my friend as well as my daughter. I love you- the girl you were and the woman you have become.

    You are one of MY blessings...