Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Planning #2

Update on Garden 2011...

I'm doing an update on the garden and our planning not only as a normal update in my blog but because there is an event on a blog I read that is giving away gardening things if you update your blog about what your doing to reach a sustainable life style. You can check it out more here :

This is one of the blogs I read and enjoy!

So basically so far this year we have all 7 Aquaponics beds going strong, Tomato's and Peppers are about ready to transfer, eggplant and luffa are close behind.  (did you know you could start Pepper seeds in a aquaponics bed?? Even when everyone says they don't like that much water??  who knew!)

 We have a flat of walking onions growing and hope to transplant that into our newly filled "Kitchen garden bed" out front by the end of the week. Since it's raining the other 4 of the "Kitchen Garden" raised beds won't be filled until at least next week.  Were moving Strawberries out of the garden beds and putting them up in with the Rose's.  The only inedible flowering things that we will grow any more are: Rose's, Daisies and the flowers Harper had already planted around the house.  All other growing space will be used for edible plants only.

We have 4 raised beds put into our Large Garden area. This area will now be used as a "Canning" Garden. Most everything is this garden will be canned this fall. We ae also trying to grow Pop Corn again. This is such a yummy treat and tastes so much better home grown then store bought!

So this is where we are at.  More raised beds to go in to make things easier on me and the strawberries moving to the front of the house and the new "Kitchen Garden" that will be used as an every day grab for the kitchen and the spices that I hope to grow and dry myself in the Dehydrator.

I love this time of year the weather frustrates but I can see my Gardens take place and grow in my mind :)

Well, Check out the other blog for great info and your chance to receive an item and work towards self sustainability!!

Life's Small Blessings are everywhere!


  1. Hi Cher, you really are one heck of a's quite impressive! All those raised beds sound fantastic--I hope you'll harvest loads of goodies from them;-) Having some flowering plants like daisies and roses adds to the beauty and the 'scent' and I'm sure it will be beautiful this year. Thanks for linking to my project and good luck to you;-) Jan

  2. Thanks Jan! This has turned into my "Job" since I'm a stay at home mom. With 5 in the family its really hard to provide veggies and fruit being on the low income side of things. This garden helps feed us through the year. That and were able to give away some Veggies to our neighbors who are elderly and no longer grow their garden.

    This year were trying to grow extra so that we can save seed for next year, and doing the aquaponics we hope to have a small amount of fresh veggies through the winter.

    I've really enjoyed your blog and everyone's posts!