Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Family Style Part 2

Our "Family Christmas" has turned into a huge hit with the kids. I never in my life imagined they would embrace this as much as they have.  They are enjoying making things for the family for Christmas.. I can say my family will be one of the cleanest out there :)

After a lot of thinking Corey and I made the decision to go ahead and pick up the big gift today... Yes it's not going under the Christmas Tree.. I had mixed feelings about that... but knowing that it takes a week of diffrent things and watching the tank before adding animals and knowing that Rose would be leaving the day after Christmas until New Years and the other two and I would be gone for 3 days starting the day after Christmas this seemed like a logical thing to do.

I didn't want it to sit empty for to long.. so we talked to the kids yesterday and told them we were meeting up with Santa today at the Mall so that we could pick up the big family presant.. It being big and glass it would be safer this way :) They were so excited...

When my brother and husband bought it in all Colty could do was stare and say WOW MOM WOW!!!  He can't wait to go see Santa Next week and say thank you!  Wow a chance to say  tahnk you to Santa :) How cool! I never thought of that :)

Rose was speachless for the first time since she was born!!! And Kyera just kept going "This is ours? From Santa? Really?

I can say other then the Family Christmas two years this has already been the most fun Christmas EVER!!
I can't wait till they pull the pictures out of their stockings :) Colty will have bubble stuff for the bath tub and the girls are getting winter hats and gloves :) At 1.50 a piece it was awesome they each will have three hats (some are also reversable) and three pairs of gloves 2 long and 1 short :) They can have fun mixing and matching while staying warm :) And their won't be a bunch of broken non used things at my house :) 

I can say the tank is awesome and it was great hearing Colty tell us about the animals and how things work and how you have to set it up :) He's really learned a lot about animals and their care.. for a 4 year old to know this much about them is awesome! This truly feels like Christmas to Corey and I because it's bringing the Family together and teaching the kids all sorts of things! 

I will post pic's of the tank fully set up later on after Christmas.. and picks of Colty and the girls with it..