Monday, November 15, 2010

and update on the goings on here

A semi quick post...
Things have been progressing a lot around here. The more I read the more I learn. Home made soap is curing fast, we've made a new compost about 5 foot across and 3 foot deep! Out of recycled fence pieces from a friend, and have enough left over to make raised beds with. The Jungle is cleared and the land tilled. The weeds are burned, and the worms are producing TONS :) of Compost on our 7th bin full! I found the Garlic that had been lost in the jungle and replanted :) It's all coming together  even during this hectic time of family surgeries and Alzehimers. We WILL be Ready for next planting season.

My husband has realized the enormity of Gardening large scale and has consulted a local produce farmer for dates to plant things :) I've also heard the grumbles about his friends not always understanding that it's not "easy or fast" work and they don't get that there truly is 3 seasons to gardening, the prep/plant, Harvest/plan, Healing/action... A lot of people thing it's till and plant but there is SOOO much more then that. And i'ts so worth it!

Things do suffer here and there. I have dust on my shelves, there is always a small pile of dirty dishes to do and yes large piles of laundry.. but I have hugs, kisses, giggles, and shared "family" time :) Yes my bathroom has been under renivation for 4 months do I care? no! I have a sink and toilet in it that works... yes it needs mudded and the other peices of drywall up.. do WE care? Nope..

Watching the family grow and work together in a day and age where age separation is a constant where children do not fully participate in families... seeing my kids work and play along side myself, my husband, my brother and my surrogate brother, and the little boy down the street that begs to help.. is worth every minute of Green Board showing... I thank God everyday for my husband that puts our family time as a priority and not showing off and making ourselves look better.. a man who understands and does not question frugality but embraces it hole heartily... who puts his family first in his time..  I truly am Blessed! With out him I would not be able to help with the family issues. I would not be able to go 3 days a week and more on the weeks there is a hospitalization... to be with my grandpaesnts and help my mom cope with Alzehimers in their lives. I would be working full time and not teaching my kids the value of family that I feel they should have. THANK YOU HONEY!!! We may never be rich with money but we will always be rich in love :)

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