Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big thanks to Friends and Family!

I just wanted to take a second to thank our friends and family who have been a wonderful help to us. Most people wouldn't be thankful for a ton of used buckets, windows, doors, wood and mop handles... but we are! 

I can't thank everyone enough for embracing this part of us and thinking of use when you come across these things! You have saved us a lot of Money and Time and this make our lives easier.  We appreciate it so much and don't know what we would do with out your support.. even when we seem nuts :)

Things we have been given    and what we've done with them so far
  • Privacy Fence Pieces:  Made a 5X3 Foot Compost bin, Built our 5 New Raised "Kitchen Beds"
  • Concrete Border: Put a border around the Front Rose beds to help keep the weeds and lawnmower out
  • Mop Handles: Trellis system for Peas
  • Fencing: Fenced around the garden and around the roof of the Garage to keep the birds out
  • Blue Barrel: Installed a Rain Barrel that we use to water the Roses
  • Buckets: Potato Garden
  • Newspapers: Varies, Lasagna mulched the front Kitchen Beds and feed the worms
  • Bi Fold Doors: Made a Craft Counter Top for my beading
  • Misc Wood:  Soap Mold, Shelves, Raised Beds and more to come.
  • Misc Cabinets: Craft room Organization
  • Old Tractor Tire: Pumpkin Planter
  • Old Tea Bags (Unused) : Worm Food
  • Windows: Cold Frames to be completed this year
I know there's more but that's all I could think of right off hand.
Thank you all for supporting us in our adventure!

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  1. Great job re-using items in the garden. Look forward to seeing some photos of the various things you've made. I see you are trying potatoes in buckets this year. I've grown potatoes in bushel baskets for the past 2 years and I wouldn't grow them any other way now.