Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yea! Seeds are here!!

I can honestly say this time of year makes me so excited. I'm like a little kid  I look at seed Catalogs and start seeing Seeds out at my favorite stores :) I'm like a kid in a candy store.  We buys seeds in a different way. We can't afford to buy them all at one time so we do it in sections. (I tried some seed saving last year and am doing research on it for Tomato's and Peppers this year )

The first section is Tomato's and Pepper's. These are one's that have to be started in the house any where from 10 to 6 weeks before the last frost. This year I found a website with decent prices that had a variety of Seeds that I couldn't find any where else. One is for a Tomato that will produce fruit until it's 38 degrees outside... This could be a real winner for winter sustained Tomato's under a hoop house :) Yummy!

Our second round is normally must have crops. Onions, Carrots, Peas, Squash, Corn and Pop Corn. These are have to haves in our book.

Third is our new upstarts. Like eggplant, loofah, cabbage ect.

Last year I did a bit of seed scrounging and one of the local retailers had all their seed packets for 20 for a dollar... Oh yeah I was all over that sale. 38 packages of Green onions (A must in our diet) 12 packages of Carrots, my squash and zucchini, and even pumpkins. It was pretty much picked over but I was really happy with my seed haul!

Then our very last is if we have a failure and have to buy plants. I hate doing this, but last year when all of my seeds failed (I used peat pellets and nothing grew bigger then a tiny blade of grass) we had to buy plants and move around some very welcomed volunteer plants.

Last year one of my Aunt's had a big success with homemade Newspaper Pots.. Wow what an idea! So this year that's what Corey and I are doing. Nope we don't subscribe to any newspapers. We get our local for free, but it's tiny. So I'm thankful my Parents and Grandparents get the big paper and have been saving them for me.

I found a few videos on You Tube, bought a few Foil pans (instead of black trays. This way I can use them on the grill when it's time to can and cook my tomato sauce and won't ruin my other pans. it was only a few cents more for them and double usage :) and I did spend 84 cents on a hard plastic cup. (We have no glass cups and all our $1.00 for 4 cups from wall mart are weird shaped and squishy)

So after some playing around working on the pots I have found  I can get between 12 and 15 pots on a tray :) so for the 100 to 150 seeds I need to start it won't be to bad and we've seriously cut our growing budget from the $50 for pot's and dirt and all down to $10.00 or so :) What a way to start out the growing season! So the extra $2.00 I spent on loofah seeds didn't make me cringe :)

Good luck to all my seed starting friends and if you know of any good ways to save seeds or a great blog with info please let me know! It would be wonderful not to have to buy seeds anymore!

I have been so blessed with all the ideas and things given to help us in our gardening efforts.


  1. The luffa, loofah, or lufah (arabic spelling)
    Yep we are growing them this year to go with the homemade soap. You can even pour homeade soap over them let it cure and slice them so that you have your soap and scrubbie all in one. They are actually a type of squash that looks like a cucumber :) That's why sometimes when you shake out your loofah seeds fall out :)