Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Garden

I haven't really posted many pictures of our Garden. Part of that was due to a lack of camera last year. But I have some of what's going on now. :)

Mushrooms popping up thanks to all the rain

Strawberrys in full bloom

I'm not sure what his is. It's very invasiv and we can't seem to kill it off!

Potatoes popping up in three diffrent places!

This was planted 3 years ago at the original end to the garden. They never once grew... until now!

The front Rose Beds and one of the new Kitchen Gardens this is the all onion bed

this is the next area

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Longways down the fron Rose and Kitchen beds

This is in our "Canning" Garden. One of the 3 raised beds. Rose helped transplant the Strawberries out of here. This will now have tomatoes in it.

Potato Buckets new this year at the edge of the "Canning Garden"

More of the front

Kyera helping out.
So that's the first set of Garden photos I hope to post more and maybe even the drawings Corey made up of the layout of our Gadens.

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