Friday, April 6, 2012

Frugal Makeup Tips

So I've been spreading my wings again to learn more ways to save on things we use around here. Just a note about me. I'm not a huge Makeup wearer... I only wear it about once or twice a week cause most of the time I am at home in Frugal/mommy/gardening/getting dirty mode.. no nead for hair and makeup.. tye my hair in a bandana and go...   And my hubby actually likes me like that lol :)

But for the occaisions I leave my house I love makeup and am NOT afraid of color.. that being said I've had to learn ways to save and repair makeup and other face stuff.. you will not see my buy a $20 eye shadow.. but you may see me get it for $5 :)

#1. Repair dropped powders...
If you drop a pressed Eye Shadow or Cheek Powder here's and easy way to keep it useful.
Simply get whats left together and crunch it up with a spoon or other object, place in the make up pan and ad a few drops of Rubbing Acholol or plain eye drops (the Achool dissaptes and you won't feel it at all when you use it) Mix to a thick cream consistancy, tap lightly on the table to get the air out (you'll see bubbles rise) let sit out over night and tomorrow your back in buisness... see no more thrwing out eyes shadows and Blush just cause they broke! :) I haven't tried it with powdered foundation but let me know if you do and how it works!

#2. Make your own make up 

Yep make it your self.. you have more control, can try different shades, cheaper and it's a bunch of girly fun .. check out TKB Trading They have all sorts of ingredients and instructions and the cool thing is you can buy as little or as much of a color you want.. buy bigger bags and split with friends :)

#3. Moisturizer..

Okay, I'm a girl whose skin is dry.. but my face I can coat in any mosturizer I find and after putting on a primer and base.. you see little dry skin cracks start to form and spread..  The answer a really cheap solution Rose Hip Seed Oil... Yepper inexpensive and works great it also helps tone down redness!  I just rub a little in before bed and If i'm feeling a litte dry put some on before makeup and it works beautifly.. now I can use foundation and cover up blemishes that before I never could! All at the price tag of $5 for 2 oz... and it lasts forever!

#4. Samples

Okay it may not seem right to pay for samples but these are bigger nicer samples and sometimes even full size  product and they are normally the "IN"  thing instead of last years left overs. I've gotten every thing from a $25 sample of a $100 moisturizer to a full size Tarte product, a Full Size Essie Nail polish with the Luminous effect... to other awesome items.. you do get a few bombs but they may be something a friend likes. Check out Birchbox  I've found some great things and have been able to try a lot of things with out having to pay full price! I love them!   For those that want only Eco Friendly check out Eco Emi they to have good products but are a little more expensive.. sometimes their extra boxes go up for sale every month so you could try them that way to if you wanted..  All of these you can stop at any time :)  The other cool thing is if you review the products you send you earn reward points.. every 100 (after every 2 boxes if you reveiw everything) you earn $10 twoards a free product.. if they screw up like send a duplicate sample or the shipping takes way to long they give you free reward points!  I love this company!

#5. Follow Birchbox and Makeup companies on Facebook
This may drive you nuts in your news feed.. yet you can get lots of products on special sales that they only have for Facebook Customers and they do give a way's frequently!

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