Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where have all the socks gone??

Okay I don't do many posts about the dogs but here's one I just have to share.

About 6 months ago we installed a screen door with a doggy door on it. Our Yorkie Teddy just couldn't seem to figure out how to ring the hanging bell on the front door like our other dog thus creating messes in the house. Teddy (fondly nicknamed Igit by my husband) loves the doggy door and uses it very frequently sometimes just to poke his head outside and see what's going on.

I should also mention like the rest of the family each of our dogs has an issue or two. We adopted both fully knowing this and willing to work with them.

Teddy likes to pick up anything the kids throw on the floor or random things out of laundry baskets/ around the house and give it to you when he sees you. I remember the first time a friend of Corey's came over and Teddy was so happy to give him a pair of my underwear... Big red face here.

But this is about socks. We've always had an issue with non matching socks and though we have embraced this and the girls purposely have mismatched socks, I noticed the other day my sock basket had really dwindled.. I mean it was about half the normal amount full. Rose and Corey were outside cleaning the dog run when I heard laughter... it seems that when Teddy goes outside he takes one of his presents with him... there were a bunch of socks, a towel, a few dog toys and a roll of toilet paper and my missing pot holder. I now know if somethings missing check the dog run.. I can just see the next time mom asks Rose why she's not wearing any socks... the dog stole them and left them outside... oh boy!

Our life is never boring around here!

(I've been trying for a week now to get a pic of Teddy with a sock.. This week though he's been attacked to a dish sponge go figure!)

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