Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jean repair

Patching Jeans... Not something I love to do, but I do have to have something to do while watching TV I can't keep my hands still. So with the weather my head has been so crazy I can't do my Counted Cross Stitch, they all blur together and my crocheting does the same. So during our movie night tonight I figured it was time to save my husbands overalls.

Corey is a Truck Driver and it never seems to fail that all the keys in his pocket wear through on the leg of his jeans. When he sits and drives they rub back and forth creating a week spot that eventually turns into a nice hole. With Jeans costing $50 a pop and them being okay every where but one spot it's time I stated patching them. I wish we could buy his at a cheaper place and every once in a while we can.. but it takes an hour of digging before we can find even 1 pair of 30X36 in all the racks. :)

He told me he didn't care what it looked like as long as I patched it. I can say I didn't do the prettiest patch but it will hold. I did a double patch, one from the inside and another on the outside covering the hole. This and the fact that he is now carying his biggest set of keys on his belt loop should help keep this pair around a while longer.

The Hole

Getting Ready to patch

The Under Patch and the start of the Top Patch

Patching the top
All Done

Not the prettiest patch I've done but the most functional.

I do recommend keeping old Jeans around, there is so much you can do, from patching things to a quick quilt to emergency pair of Jeans for a naked Ken doll :)

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