Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Crazy wacky way of looking at things.

So I've really begun to realize how different I am. I think it really hit home today when our portable Ping Pong table net and Paddles arrived. I laughed and said "well, this is one way to get junk to quit piling up on my Dinning room table"  And in less then 10 minutes my table was cleaned off and the playing began.. (should I mention the 75 Ping Pong Balls flying through my dining room?)

I really wish I had a video camera! The balls were flying every where and all the kids and myself were laughing and diving for balls... 

One would say, but there's dirty dishes in the sink, laundry that needs done and dusting to do, not to mention I've had the paint for the dinning room ceiling for over 9 months sitting there...

I guess my wacky way of looking at things says... there is a chance to laugh and spend time with my kids. To see them laugh, talk about school in  a non threatening way and get them to interact with each other in a positive way... the other stuff can wait. (these moments are not always easy to find with a child who has ADHD with some other issues rolled in)

I can say my house isn't "dirty" but it's defiantly lived in.  I clean my floors everyother week, sweep them every other day (unless they are horrible). We try and wash dishes daily, and well there's always laundry (I have 3 kids and a hubby LOL). It used to bother me until I did some really hard thinking.

You see growing up for me wasn't hard per say, but there were a lot of things that shaped how I look at things now. Then after Rose was born I ended up in a situation iI would never wish on anyone.

I learned that any day things can and will change.. I 've continued to see it as I have grown up these years.
I've learned that having "things' isn't as important as having time and love.
Hugs and kisses and I loves you are a must a million times a day (Colty has taught me this repeatedly.. and reminds me when I forget)
Being frugal and saving money can be fun.
Almost everything has a secondary use, you just have to think on it.
Share your knowledge
Everything can be gone tomorrow, would you rather loose dirty dishes or the smiles and laughter?
Family and Friends are very important in your life, make them that way.
A good relationship with your husband is worth your weight and his in Gold.
Something home grown or homemade is worth more then store bought (and will usually last longer and work better)
You can get through anything as long as you have your family.
God things are real.. they happen, you never know when, you never know how, but they do.
There are blessings every where around you.. don't be so worried about how the world perseaves you but about how you and your family feel about themselves.
Laughter is truly the best medicine.
Try when you can to be there for the older  memeber's in your family.
And when all else fail's turn on some music, crank it up loud and just dance :)

So I've come to my crazy wacky way of looking at things, and thankfully my husband likes and even gets a kick out of them. He's definatly impressed with the portable Ping Pong Table Idea and I belive there will be a battle this weekend to see who's the family Ping Pong Table Champ :)

So I guess I'll embrace my crazy wacky way of life. I wouldn't change it for the wordl. Now to go make some News Paper Pot's and watch a movie with Colty. Night All!

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