Thursday, January 20, 2011


Lol with a title like that your probably thinking it's something major... it's not for most people but for me it is.

Tomorrow night I get to ride with my husband as he drives his route... okay, most people think, yeah riding in the snow, in a Semi that hasn't been taken care of well (his place of employment believes in total break down instead of upkeep) and a seat with no air ride .....that's fun?

For me it is. Tomorrow night there will be no ADHD, there will be no Alzheimer's, No Asthma, no Overactive Immune System and no hug and kiss and saying "boy do I miss you". I won't have to call and talk to Corey on the phone at 11 so we can touch base and make sure were on the same page for the next day and for the weekend.  Trying to plan a garden over the phone is sooo not easy!

Tomorrow night it's the two of us :) We get to talk, catch up and enjoy the open road and the sights around us. I get to meet a few of Corey's Fav. warehouse guys for this run and well relax...  Tomorrow night I get to just be me.. and what's even better is I don't have to talk.. if I need quiet there will be quiet if I need to talk we'll talk.. and if we stop at a rest area to run in and get a pop or something, I get to hold my husbands hand with out a little person getting mad :)

It may not sound like much but I sooo look forward to these nights. They don't come often but when they do I cherish them! 

Second big excitement was a day with Gma like no other!
I have not had a day as good as Monday was with my grandmother in so long. She was still lost... but she wasn't.. I know that doesn't make sense but she was Happy.. joking in a good way :)

We played 3 games of Spite and Malice and she "won 2 games :) I never thought I'd cheat at cards so my grandmother would win, but it made her day. After cards I was folding Newspaper pots and she asked if I would show her. She was so into it and even understood most of the directions. She only had an issue with one part but even my 9 year old had issues with it. :) We made 22 pots! together!   Then when my mom txted me gma told me I should have said "gma put those bottles away mom's almost home "  She was joking.. and as I came out of the bathroom at one point I could hear her saying "Colty quit climbing the ceiling" :) These were funny, not mean jokes.. I had a piece of Gma I hadn't had in over a year.   And we talked.. It was nice, it was calm and except for a few minor things that were off.. we had a good day!

Third .. My husband and the support he has been showing me. Over the past few years he's worked on being and showing his support. During the good and the bad.  Tuesday there was bad.. and when my stomach clenched and I was worried.. he told me go! You have to go, I'll take care of the stuff here and have the kids watch a movie while I take my afternoon nap... What a Blessing to me that he's supportive..  I was able to help and was relived at the outcome instead of worrying all day/night.

My other big excitement this week  was a huge weight lifted and Blessing was a family discussion. My Parents, Grandparents and my brother and myself had a family dissucion. I've been praying that this would happen and that it go well. There are so many personalities, generations and ideals that it was hard telling how it would go, but everyone talked, everyone shared their feelings, and we are working toward a more freezable schedule and way of working together. :) There were moments with Gma that were very hard, but things I had dreaded saying turned out okay. I'm so praying everything works out. I know it's no where near perfect, but if we can give peace to our family and take some weight off those who are over weighted it would be awesome!   And my dad wants to take the kids camping! All of them :)

My big smile for the day was "puppy" asking pa for a hug and pa giving "puppy" and Colty the biggest hug and smile I'd seen in forever :)   

and to add to all this a nice night with the kids :) Bit and I picked out pictures because she's the "Star of the Week"  She had to take the big picture from the wedding with everyone in it :) She has pictures of the Great Grandparent's, my parents and our family along with a few from here and there when she was little....

So this week so far hasn't been a bad week. I've been truly blessed with a week worth thinking about and Small Blessings every where. Sometimes it just takes picking out the good moments for me to realize why I do the things I do :)

Night all!

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