Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weather?? Is this the new norm?

Okay.. I know that freak weather systems are normal.. but do we now have a new norm.. and if so what's really going on?

Last year we had unseasonably warm weather early in the year.. A lot of crops suffered or were not able to produce fully because of the fast onslaught of heat and then another fast onslaught of cold... but there was never a real winter here in IL. I never shoveled snow, only 1 day did we have severely slick roads and they melted by noon.. highly unusual for the backwoods area I live in.

Now they are predicting a heat index of 97!!! Yeas 91!! On next Monday. It's only March 15th!!  This to me is getting super crazy scary! 

So I've sceen the posts.. oh your just doomsdaying good weather enjoy it it's fine... As someone in my position.. I can't ignore it.. my family depends on the Weather to grow the  food that we live off of every year... We save $1,000 's  because we can and dehydrate and try not to have to buy vegetables or herbs and spices... If we can grow it we don't buy it!

So for those that say quit making this into global warming... what else is this? And why is this?  How do we prevent this or fix this? 

 This is why my family is doing their best to go Green... honestly if we had the money, we'd be the first to do all solar and wind... I'd love to convert into it and we've been looking into it. It's so expensive and on a low income budget impossible to do.  But there are things we can do.

Reuse,  recycle,  re-gift, re-purpose, and much more!

Please join us in our fight for a healtheir planet.. we may not be able to reverse the damage that's been done but maybe we can slow it down so that our kids don't have to wear sun suits to walk outside!

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