Monday, April 2, 2012

Repotting Tomato Plant's.. or another use for canning jars.

This weekend I noticed all of our Tomatoes were getting way to leggy for their little starter pots and realized we were going to have to move them into bigger homes before planting them outside. I looked for ideas on what I could use that we could then reuse and wouldn't cost much...

I couldn't find much.. most people used bigger pots, or Solo cups or Styrofoam cups... things along those lines. Well with only $5 to our names I know that wasn't going to be happening this weekend. So I looked around the house.

We had 4 shelves of empty canning jars waiting around for canning season.. I have 3 Chive plants growing in a window that have looked so pretty for the last 2 years. They are in blue canning jars..  My mind went racing and soon enough we were putting tomatoes plants in canning jars. :) it was harder to find room for them but they are all doing great and I didn't make more trash!

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