Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soda Stream

I follow a lot of frugal blogs and the buzz this month is about the Soda Stream a way to make Soda at home. No more lugging home pop cans and bottles, not to mention no more plastic bottles in the landfill! Is it as good as it sounds? So far I’d say yes.

We purchased the striped down basic version of it.  I’m a simple kind of girl. That and there’s less to go wrong. I love the Soda Stream!

We did purchase an extra set of Bottles. I’m a Cola addict (Actually my migraines are a Cola addict :) And hubby can’t have Caffeine so having the 4 different bottles makes it so I can have 1 dedicated to Cola and dedicate other’s as Caffeine free.  The carbonation lasts longer then regular soda. My Cola sat out for a good 4 hours and was still extremely fizzy and not flat at all when I took a sip.. Amazing for me!

A few special notes about them from me.

Warning!! Make sure you have the plastic bottle screwed on completely if you don’t water will go EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

When you first use the soda maker use exactly as directed.

Then try these few tips. 

Make completely sure the water is very cold.

I only push the button until 1 buzz. 3 buzzes is way to much carbonation in my opinion.

As soon as you carbonate take it off put the lid on and shake gently. Then add your syrup put the lid on and shake gently again. (be very carful opening. The first bottle I made had so much fizz it fizzed over)


Cola: So far I’ve found the Cola you need about 1 and 1/4 to 1 and 1/2 lids full of syrup. 1 lid full tastes like when you get to the fountain and the syrup bag is almost out.

Orange: Use only about 1/2 a cap otherwise it’s extremely sweet and overly strong

Cranberry raspberry: Love it just how they say

Dr. Pete: Good the way they say

Energy drink: Add a little more then a cap full and it really tastes like Red bull only with more carbonation :)

You can also use fruit juice and homemade cordials and add to your carbonated water. I’m looking forward to making homemade ginger aile

I don’t know yet how much we are saving but I do know we used to spend about $50 a month on pop. ( I had a tendency to loose my cans around the house and they would go flat) So this I am hoping should pay for itself pretty fast. 

Corey told me Bob and Tom in the morning on the radio really love it also. In our area the kitchen store in the outlet mall, Kohl's, and Macy’s all carry it. At the Kitchen Store it’s $15 if you exchange and empty tank for a new tank. I don’t know the cost at the other stores yet.

I hope you found some good hints and info in this quick write up. Feel fee to leave a question if you want.

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