Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy around here

Things have been crazy around here so my blogging has sadly been a bit off. We are once again moving the house around.. I think this time it's going to fit better. All but 1 of the aquaponics have been moved. And we have added a light structure above them. Instead of mounted to the ceiling. This has made things take off like crazy. I am hoping for some indoor grown tomatoes before the end of the year.

Our Garden was doing okay until some beast of the 2 legged variety decided to tear through our Corn and pick all the cuecumbers growing in the big garden.

Thankfully I have Cucumbers growing in front also. Our Watermelon are Golf ball size And we have a few but not many Green Tomatoes. I have started saving seed this year to in hopes of a cheaper garden year next year.

With all the issues we have been facing with the weather and the 2 legged Varmits we are honestly doing okay. I just wish we were doing Awesome like last year...  Trial and error that's the way it goes. Next year we shoudld have the septic fixed and then we my break into the back yard for more Corn space... we'll see...  i just wish I could find an easier weed fighting stratagey. It feel like every year and all year I am pulling the same weeds!

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