Friday, September 3, 2010


We have been so busy around here I have not had the time to blog. So far we have finished cucumber harvest. Some not so nice squash bugs killed off the pumpkin vines so the pumpkins have been harvested and our sitting out front.. I love the scarecrows Rose and Corey made with the backdrop of corn stalks :) Double uses get me every time:) It's been very warm here so my time outside has been limited to say the least. We have planted the first of 3 4X4 Raised onion and Garlic Beds.

The surprise happened when I started to get the 8X4 bed ready for strawberries I plan on transplanting to there. I put in some of our wonderful worm compost and ended up growing 4 cucumber plants :) This is a nice surprise.. I don't know if they will produce or not but I can't wait to find out. If they do I'll have to remember to set seeds back to plant them at this time again next year.

My father in law was a huge money savor for us and was able to get us about 20 pickle 5 gallon buckets for our Potatos next year :) I was so worried we would have to plant in ground again! So excited to try the bucket trick.. no more killing my wrist harvesting Potatoes :) 

So things are coming around nicely. We have plans for an in-ground worm bin for next year.

But my biggest reason for being slow not only on the prodgets but on the blog is the simple issue of Colt being the only child home. Both sisters are in school as of this year and he's having sister withdrawal bad. I have been lucky to do dishes, and fold laundry at this time. I am hopeing like everything else he will adapt to life with out the girls at home. He enjoyed yesterday when we harvested another crop of worm compost.. the worms were doing the  "butt dance" according to him and a few tried to run away.. across the table.. we also found that we were growing snails.. how cool! I know we were building a little eco system but wow!

We have tried one batch of popcorn and you should have seen my husbands face! He's never had homegrown popcorn before and is not a big popcorn fan... But umm I belive we'll be planting an extra bed of popcorn next year :) His smile was so big and hearing " I could eat this everyday" was awesome...

I'll try and moble blog some of the pic's of our flower Gardens.. I believe I am being paged by a dragon at the moment.. time to go play :)

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