Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Deer

I've said before that we live in a small rural town in IL.. how rural? Well I've been trying to get a picture.. and will continue, but the other day when my husband went out to pick tomato's in our garden, that has a chest high fence around it. he came very close to a 6 point buck. In the garden... we've seen a few things knocked around in a path and the fence looked like it had been messed with.. well it seems the deer like where we've been digging out dirt between two types of corn and staying in there... then jumping over the fence to get back out... It makes me smile to know we are giving comfort to such a grand animal.. Even if a few things get squashed. Poor Corey though his sweet corn is being knocked over... I'll get pic's up of the "deer trails" in our garden ASAP!

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