Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seedling Watch

So far so good on the seed starting this year. I'm crossing my fingers that everything stays kosher and there are no little bugs flying around to kill them all off.  We've put them in a room upstairs that stays very warm with Grow lights set up. It's wonderful to watch the tiny plants emerge and grow. My 4 year old gets very excited when he sees a seed turn into a plant.

We have over 30 Peppercini Plants, about 10 to 20 each of our diffrent Bell Pepper Plants that we are trying this year. And a ton of Tomato's. I am dissapointed in the Siberia only 2 have Germinated. I was hoping to see if they really did produce Tomatoes till it was 38 degrees outside.

The 1st Aquaponic system has produced a ton of Leaf lettuce and Green Onion Seedlings that have been growing like crazy. I'm amazed at the root system I can see developing in the grow bed.

Pepper Seedling. I use plastic wrap over the top instead of plastic domes.

I am a littl worried about the Tomatoes being to spindly. They have their own grow light but it is about 6 inches above them. I am planning on raising the tray closer to the light today to try and get them so that they plump out and not up.

I still need to start the Loofah and some other Tomatoes. But so far so good.

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