Monday, April 2, 2012

How to get your five year old to beg you to vacum or I new my house was odd.. but this really proves it!

Okay.. so my family is odd.. we get weird looks when tell people we don't have a favorite tv show (I love big bang Theory but have bought 2 seasons on disc.. yea I know they are on the 4rth or 5th). We found TV was running our lives and went.. NO MORE..

We don't use a microwave AT ALL..
And all the other odd stuff.. but his new thing.. really made me laugh and feel odd... but then it made sence.

We don't own a regular vacum cleaner anymore... What? I know shocked right! We kept blowing them up.. well we didn't the kids did.. add that to converting the house to all wood type floring who needs a vacum... except we still have two bedrooms and 1  stairway that still has carpeting..  enter the SHOP VAC.. yes a shop vac.

Instead of a regular vacum cleaner that cost upwards of $200 or one that breaks after 3 months use.. we have a $50 shopvac.. It's light weight, rolls easly and has the longest hose ever seen.. what's more.. it picks up wet and dry spill and even glass with the greatest of ease..

But the biggest plus with the shop vac.... My 5 year old son BEGS to use it. It's considered a manly vacuum, a power tool that a 5 year old can use...  what does this mean to me... not having to vacuum the stairs anymore :)    Yea! for the Shop Vac!

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