Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying something new, professianal haircolor at home!

As a mom of three crazy kids and wife of a Semi driver saving money is huge for me. We normally barter things, such as produce, canned goods, skills that we can teach or babysitting for things that others can do that we can't.

I love to barter because I feel that both sides save money and get a reward far bigger then buying something or paying someone to do it for you.

This being said, the other side doesn't always come through. In this case a freind had a bunch of stuff going on so I understand why 2 months later she is still unable to help me.

 Having your hair done is something I feel most women take for granted. You see $40 a month plus that $150 every other month for dye or highlights is something many women can't afford. I know I can't (the blow dryer I have had for over 7 years just died this month.. even though it wasn't in the budget hubby bought me a new one cause I'd be lost with out it).

If I can squeeze out $20 to have a hair cut once every 3 months I'm lucky. Hubby and my son.. well I have an electric razor so worse comes to worse... bzzzzz. (my 5 year old son has a mow-hawk that I can folow the lines too... so thankfully I can cut his right now). My husband likes a high and tight.. but when despreate will have me cut it. I have learned how to trim bangs and bob's.. luckly my youngest daughter likes to grow her hair out for Locks of Love.. so my oldest is the only one that has a reular hair cut and even she doesn't get her's cut but once every 3 months.

So when it comes to dyeing my hair (If I don't I have Grey highlights at 31 yikes!) I end up using the store bought cheap as you can find hair dye. For a girl who when stressed feels better by doing something crazy with her hair.. this can be stressful when you don't have the money or use cruddy product.

Enter in a friend going to school to be a hairdresser. Paying herdirectly and giving her expearience saves me a lot of money and helps her in 2 ways, a little money in her pocket and expearience cutting and dyeing extremly thick hair.   By doing this the professional dye costs me less then $3 and the developer works out to cost me $2 a dye (my hairs thick remember.. most it would cost half of this) so in product my hair costs.. $5.00 for all over color and $10 for all over color plus highlights! And it's professional color OH YEAH! So paying her a little or watching her kids when needed has been a good trade.

So my friends been busy and I bought this color and developer for all over color and highlights.. As much as the people at Sally's and hairdressers make haircolor out to be this huge crazy hard thing it's not. I got the urge and decided to do it my self. All over color didn't scare me. 20 developer and Wella gel color mixed at a 2 to 1 ratio.. okay I can do that, 2 ounces developer 1 ounce color... paint your whole head and let sit 40 minutes.. wash out and boom yummy rich hair color that lasts!

The highlights though I worried about.. I mean really worried... but today I was fed up with my hair and boom I'm highlighting it. Dark Brown with Red highlights.. Mix the same as above and seperate hair and apply color where you want it.. let sit.. wash and your done.. not as hard as you think..

So I know have dark brown hair with light red highlights in spots.  I can do my own hair with better product that saves me money and makes me feel better about dying my hair. It also lasts way longer because more color is put in your hair. So I now have a Sally's card and can dye my hair anyway I want with out worry. :)

Just know with a little research and will you can do what you want to at a fraction of the cost!

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