Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little time big reward or how to make money on Facebook for 10 minutes a day or less..

First I should clarify.. when I say make momey to me, if I'm saving money, I'm making money..

I follow a lot of companies on Facebook. I do get annoyed sometimes because I feel like they are crowding out posts from my friends.. but sometimes it's worth it.

You see a lot of big and even small companies do giveaways of full sized products or samples. Sometimes they use a random number generater and you have to be comment number 354, or they ask a question and the company judges the answer and awards the gift to the answer they like the most... or you have to be one in the first 2500 to complete the information sheet and hit enter.

I figure it takes me roughly any where from 1 to 5 minutes to complete one of these forms.. unless the site is slammed and then it make take a few refreshes before I can get to it.

So how does this make or (save) money for me.. well here's how I look at it.

Every free sample is worth something.. either I get to try something new with out wasting money, or I have something to donate, or if the kids use all my shampoo and forget to tell me I have a standby stash of single use packets...  Sometimes I even get full sized product samples. The biggest one's so far have been a Bounce bar, Tide detergent, Swiffer duster, and at least 6 boxes of Keurig cups.

Now that sounds cool and worth the time.. but those giveaways are all rigged right? I'll never win 1... please think again.. it's worth the time.  Last year I filled out a form and won a Rain Barrell. This year so far I filled out a 2 minute entry last month and won Fake eyelashes and nails from Kiss Nails...  cool right? They are something I can't afford to buy but would love to have.. money saving there...

But this week has been by far the coolest for me... yes I know this may end... but here's why it was worth it to me.

My Flat Iron is on it's way out... it's over 5 years old.. I use it anytime I do my hair. I can say I've been milking it and trying to make it last because I really don't have the money to buy a new one, but need to have it to look nice.. I was contemplating trying dreadlocks out.

 So I entered a few giveaways that were going on... and not only did I win a top of the line flat iron (I would have got another cheap $30 one) but a Curling Iron, Salon product, Hair Treatment, Hair Feather (my daughters will love) and a round brush.. something again that had just broke.  So I look at this and see I made over $550 for a 2 minute answer...   So are the giveaways worth the two minutes... I think so..  

To add to this today I recived an email from a diffrent company and won Vegan Shampoo and Conditoner worth $49... I think my hair is set for the next few months... I just made/saved money and it took a total of 4 minutes to fill out these 2 giveaways... so worth it.   Not to mention I could never afford to buy such high end products.. I'm a suave kinda girl...

Yes you may not win every time.. but it might just pay off to take the minute to fill in that little form!

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