Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring has sprung around the house!

I am running a bit behind on my Spring things to do list. We really didn't get to start on much of my list until this month so I'm a bit behind.

I have finally reached Blog Spring cleaning, mainly because it's so wet outside and continues to rain that I'm skipping ahead on my list.

One of my big Blog cleaning things to do was to fix the name/title on the top...  So now you can see my "Spring Title" I hope to have pic's with my title in them for every season we go through :)  Remember I said "I Hope" :)

My other 2 goals, organize the Tags and put up more pictures. It's all well and good that I describe everything but  I need to get pictures up so you can see what I"m describing.  Last year we didn't have a usable camera for much of the year, but we do now.  So please bear with me if something seems out of whack over this next week. I hope to have everything Spring Cleaned... but if there's a break in the weather... you know where I'll be :)

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