Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's that time of year again.

Yes! The weather is getting warmer and we can stand to be outside with our overalls and sweatshirts on! This means it's garden time again. After reading from a lot of sources about the prospect of a global food crisis it's really starting to hit home. Thanks to a blog I read our new motto is to "Garden like you can't go to the store."  

Really the way we are looking at things, are we going to be able to afford an extra trip in to town for groceries with the way gas prices are?  Are we going to be able to afford veggies with the gas prices going up and shortages added to that we could really see some things go through the roof price wise? How safe are the foods that we will be getting? Will they use more pesticides and hormones so that they don't run the risk of loosing more vegetables?  

And then again everything could be just fine... but do I want to find out the hard way or be prepared?

This year to help us prepare for what could happen and save money and eat healthier either way we are adding at least another  100 square feet of garden space. There will be at least 3\4 raised beds added to the front yard. The side yard will be done in raised beds and we are expanding to part of the back yard.

We now have 7 Aquaponics beds, 4 of which are in full swing and growing like crazy. After the plant starts get put out in the big garden we will reseed with more that will be left to grow in the house to supply us over the winter.

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