Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Year of the Potato Buckets!

I am looking forward to this weekend and praying it rains only a little. We are planting our first trial of Potato Buckets. I have really severe Carple Tunnel that I try and work around, so digging up trenches for Potato's every Fall is really painful. Corey's a great help, but a lot of them have to be dug out by hand so you don't accidently cut them. Not only does this take FOREVER... (we've dug for 4 hours before and only harvested 1/4 of our Potaotes) it also takes a lot of room.

So thanks to my father in law, we have about 20 5Gal buckets that were originally used for Pickles :)  This weekend our goal is to get these fully cleaned drill some drainage holes, fill with woodchips, soil and worm compost and plant our Potatoes in them. I've read were other people have had wonderful harvests doing it this way. I'm just praying for a decent harvest and easier harvest then usual!

This also makes more room in the garden for the PopCorn and Sweat Corn to be planted. :)

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