Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cucumber Fence

I talked with Corey today and after much debate we figured out where to plant the cucumbers. With over 200 seeds and wanting to can our own pickles/relish for the year, along with saving seed for next year we need a large amount of room.  (any one who knows us knows that Rose and I are pickle nuts, not to mention our family fav dinner Rueladin has pickles in it, so does our meatloaf and loaded hamburgers)

So the idea is that we try growing them in the front Rose beds over the rough sawn cedar fence. My only worry is the new neighborhood kids walking down the side walk and grabing them or ripping out the plant. I had an issue last year where they were stealing Great Grandma's Rose's off the bush...  We'll still grow some in the actual garden to (just in case) but our main supply will be up front.

If anyone knows of a cheap and easy trellis system that we could make or reuse items to make please feel free to let us know. We have many more plants that have to be trellised this year. (my fav on so far was using the metal mop handles and string) :) It worked great last year and we should be able to use them again this year..

I'm so excited and can't wait to see things grow!!!

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