Thursday, April 7, 2011

I LOVE April!

April.. what an important month for us. Until recently I never really realized how important this month was for our family. This is the month we prepare for our gardens, finish projects inside that need done before nice weather, and figure out what all needs to be done outside.

I also get to play in dirt again (huge smile). I can't explain how good the feeling of dirt on my hands makes me feel. It reminds me that I'm still alive, that I have something to give, and that God's miracles are all around. I till or dig in this dirt, plant something and take care of it and in turn it takes care of my family. :) What a wonderful blessing to have this opportunity!

If your looking for seeds please check out this seller on ebay they help provide free vegetable plants to residents near them that have been hit hard by the economy. Wow! If every nursery and seed place would do this we could really combat hunger in the US. So far everything I've ordered from them have out preformed the name brand stuff that I normally buy and a whole lot cheaper!

Today we finished the 2 towers of the swing set. so the only part left is to build the frame for and hang the swings. Monkey bars and slides are all up. I'm glad we went with this unit, a friend had her newly built one from Lowes blow over this week. And neither of our towers so much as rocked in the 50 mph gusts :)

Colty keeps running up and hugging me. He's so happy :) It really makes the work and sometimes frustration worth it :)

I also managed to plant our first of 5 "Kitchen" Garden beds. The Egyptian walking onions are planted along with some red onions, the borage was transplanted, the Cinnamon basil transplanted and a few herbs and a LOT of Onion seeds were planted. It was so nice to get dirty and get thing sin the ground today.

I even spent the time this evening to organize our seeds. In an effort to make things easier I bought little zip lock bags and opened all the seed packages and put them in their own bags. This was no small task! With 38 envelopes of green onion seeds, 10 of carrots and so on.. this took a lot of time, but I'm hoping it will save time while planting and create less mess outside. Not to mention less seed waste since I'll be able to SEE any left in the bag. It was amazing how one big box of seeds now fits in a tiny box :)

It is supposed to rain all the rest of the week, so we'll probably keep painting in the house and get some minor things done, then next week finish the swing set and get more boxes filled.

Things to do this month:
Fill all garden boxes
Till back of garden
Replace Garden Fence
De weed and prepare front beds for Strawberries and Cucumbers
Move Strawberries
Transfer Rose to Gma's house
Turn Compost
Plant, Plant, Plant

I'm looking forward to a very productive Garden Year!

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