Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow so much to do!

Wednesday was such a wonderful day! Corey and I and Colty were able to get the Right side of our front Rose beds cleared out.

This side has been much neglected the last 2 years since it didn't have anything except 3 Store bought Rose's and a few flowers in it. I can say that it would get fully covered in weeds and stay that way because nothing of great importance was growing in it. Well, this year that's changing. Last fall I managed to clean out a small area to plant Strawberries in, but the Violets came back with a vengeance and are suffocating out my Strawberries. Never fear though. Corey and his trusty shovel have been out working hard and almost all the Violets are out :) Not to mention thanks to the girls and Colty half of it already has wood Chips down :)

After working out there for a while Wednesday when Corey got up, we enjoyed a picnic lunch in front of the house. This was such a nice treat. Colty and Corey cleaned up the table we were given last year, while I made sandwiches on our fresh Sourdough Rolls. While enjoying our break we saw a few Finches enjoying the new swing set and sigh... the first Wasp of the season. 

After lunch we watched Colty play on the swing set while we continued working in the front beds. Then when the girls got home Corey went back in for his nap and Rose and I started deep cleaning the kitchen...

It's been a wonderful week and so beautiful outside. The Rose's are blooming, the Onions and Garlic from last Fall are in full growth and the flowers the previous owners planted are all smelling wonderful. I'm really looking forward to the Poppies this year, they have multiplied again :) I also enjoyed finding that the bulbs I planted last year had babies :)

I plan on trying to get pictures up this weekend as long as the Snow/rain stay away.  Happy Gardening and hope everyone else is enjoying Spring :)


  1. OK so just reading your blog name and description and I am so excited to have found your blog! I love sustainability and am looking forward to learning and being inspired! Also, welcome to Blotanical. PS, found your iced coffee post and gosh it sounds yum!

  2. I have just linked your blog to my latest post called "Happy Earth Day...reading & reflections" over at =)

  3. It sounds like you had a very nice day. And I am looking forward to seeing the photos. Welcome to Blotanical!

  4. Julia.. Thanks so much! Let me know how the coffee turns out. :) I'll be heading over to check out your blog ASAP! My goal is to get more pictures up this year! It just seems to take forever to load them here on blogspot. :)

    The Sage Butterfly...

    Thanks I'm looking forward to learning how to use the site and finding more blogs and info about gardening!

    Thank you both so much for the welcome!!!