Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday morning 6am wonderings..

So I've been up to my normal blog reading this morning. I subscribe to many frugal living and Homesteading blogs that I draw great inspiration and laughs from.. The problem is I get inspiration and my husband ends up on the perspiration end of things :)

This one blog I read was talking about how older things were built to last and newer things aren't.. she also talked about the skill set most people have today versus way back when...

Think about it.. in and old house most everything could be repaired and the people living in the house could do the repairs.. why? Because they were shown how.. and then did it themselves...

In this day and age there's TV, computers, game systems you name it.. so when our kids are kids are they learning the necessary skills for day to day life survival on their own?

Will they be able to fix it themselves or pay like crazy and hope someone fixes it the right way for them?

Corey and I hope we are passing on the necessary skills for our kids, and this "House that Harper Built " (more on that another time) has been a good learning tool.

To have to replace things that he "repaired " because they weren't done right, we have in turn been teaching our kids how to do things like, put in a sub floor, put in laminate wood flooring, take down drop ceilings, install drywall and toilets, sinks ect..  

We have done all the work ourselves, most of the skills Corey and I had been taught at one time or another.. (I can't thank my dad enough for the skill set he taught me!)  the other stuff I have gleaned info off the Internet.

I know I am an oddity around the family. I think I have amazed my father in law.. he always asks my husband "who's helping you?" Cher, is, she knows how to do all of this... hmm

The joke in his family is his dad buys power tools he wants for his wife on anniversary's and mother's day. I've already told my husband and father in law.. that's fine but I'll be the one using them.. and coming up with ways to use them... I don't think I'll be getting any power tools for anniversaries from my hubby :(

I guess where all this is going is.. before you pick up the phone... can you do it yourself even if you have to do a little reading? The other thing is.. turn off the electronics and tell your kids to hand you the socket wrench.. when they ask why show them... encourage your kids and yourself to learn a new skill every month.. do it together if you can.. this is what being frugal is all about.. doing things yourself the way they used to be done...  Not zoning out killing zombies on the TV.. what???

Now I'm off to dehull popcorn, work in the gardens, hopefully process tomatoes and finish our composting bin thingy Corey came up with at 10 pm last night and next Monday I should be mudding and taping the bathroom :) 

Spend time with your kids and teach them something.. they are our Life's simple Blessings!!!

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