Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smoked Tomato Sauce/ soup

Okay a quick post...

Do you have ton's of Tomatos and don't know what to do with them? Don't really want to heat up the house right now cooking,  then canning them?  Are you grilling outside? If so check this out....

What you need:
Cookie pan or broiler pan
thin racks, cookie or even the ones from your toaster oven
Small grill proof bowl
Smokeing wood if you have any
Green Peppers
Balsomic vinegar (if you want a little bite)
Freezer containers or bags

Take cookie sheets or deeper pans that will fit on your grill, also a small grill safe bowl or glass container.
Line cookie sheet/pan with foil and place a cookie rack on top.

Take tomatos and core (remove top stem and any other green part) then cut an X across the top but not all the way down. Place these cut side down on your rack. If you want you can dip them in olive oil and favorite spices.. or sprinkle salt and pepper over them. Fill your rack and make sure the tomatoes are touching.

slice peppers into big pieces, cut onions into rings and peel garlic. Place these in the bowl with a little salt and fill with  water (this adds to the sauce and keeps them from burning... you may have to refil this while they are cooking if you notice its low)

Now on your left over hot coals or gas.. place pans and bowl on grill racks... Add wet wood for smoking if you have it. and a little more charcoal if you need it.. just not to much. Close grill

Check grill every 10 minutes or so until Tomato skins are coming off or turning brown/ black.. Peppers and onions should be well cooked and soft.

Remove from grill

(Hint: If you have either a pan or tray bigger then what you put on the grill, line it with an old towel and place hot pans on it to take inside)

Process all Tomatos, onions, peppers and garlic in a food processor or blender.. add some balsomic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste and any non burnt drippings in the pans.

Place cooled sauce in freezer safe contaners/bags

And there you go and awesome smelling/tasteing sauce  or soup! It's easy and fun.. and won't heat up the house. My kids love helping with it! And best of all now you have a way to use all those Tomatos and those coals that are still hot and dying down!

Today's blessings for us:
  • Kisses and loves from Ozzie the dog :)
  • A special delivery of Sweet Corn from a family in town. 3 1/2 dozen. (we cut off the corn on 2 dozen and froze in freezer bags. The others are for tomorrow :)
  • Figured out where the outside compost will be going
  • Talked about the front yard and decided the grass will be leaving it :)
  • Colty promised to pick up a toy before he even got it out :)
What a day! Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.. and eat grilled chicken with this sauce and cheese on it!

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