Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's small blessing's

I called the blog small blessings for so many reasons. My main reason was that since we started our new way of thinking and of life, Corey and I have been very blessed in so many ways.. but there are still tough days... those days I encourage my husband to find the blessings that are hidden in them. Can you find the little blessings hidden in your day?

My small blessing today...
  • While taking pictures of things for the blog I had a butterfly land on my favorite purple Rose's.. Colty noticed and had a big grin!
  • Watching my son yell to his dad one more hug! and then him closing the car door with a hug smile on his face.
  • Seeing our elderly neighbor sitting on the stool in the garage watching the kids.
  • Colty helping with the worm compost
  • an unexpected visit from a friend and her daughter... finding out once again that I'm not alone in my struggles with a child who has ADHD.
  • Katie letting the dogs loose and Rose who was supposed to be helping find the dogs found a baby toad and handed it to me...
  • Finding out my in laws will be coming out Sunday... where as before that rarely happened.
  • time curled up watching a movie with Kyera

Life is full of little blessings even on a bad day.. I hope you are able to find yours!

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