Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frugal wedding

Okay, it's hot outside.. which means I can't be outside.. going stir crazy.. so with not wanting to think about weather the heat will cause a harvest issue... and in light of my soon to be one year anniversary.. and my oldest on a wedding kick. I decided to do a few post on a frugal wedding.

Frugal wedding sounds kinda like a joke right?? I've seen the budgets for our friends and about feinted.
Honest our $7,000 orginal budget sounded modest by far.. now what if i told you it cost Corey and I less then half of that..

Your thinking.. it wasn't very pretty, she settled on a dress she didn't like... it wasn't tailored to them... or their parents paid for everything... uh nope.

I will be including links for things I think are important so follow along and I hope you pick up a few ideas to help lower your cost.

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