Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The dress

Ah the dress, the most important thing to a girl on her wedding day and I was no diffrent... :)
Except I was diffrent. You see between Corey and myself we have 4 kids... not what I would consider a good case for wearing white... however, had I wanted to wear white I would have... I just didn't want to.

With a Western Wedding theme... since we live in the country and my hubby is an ex boots and jeans just fit us!

My dream dress was a deniem dress with a train that I could put up when it was time for the reception. But it had to be pretty and I love the corset backs on the dresses now.

I checked with every store imaginable and was laughed at many times.. though a few offered to have the dress died blue.. I wanted deniem...

And my budget for the dress itself.. was $500.00
Here's what I found.

I did pay $100 for alterations also.
You can find this dress and many more at

They carry old fashioned dresses and deniem dresses... for less then the big wedding stores.. with a little imagination and someone who can do alterations it can be your perfect dress to.

The Alterations I had done... Shorten the dress, and put corset stays in the back so the back tied up instead of zipping up.

This dress is being reused by my close friend. I'll post a pick after the end of Augast. She fell in love with it also.. so now she has something borrowed, and blue :) 

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